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MILLPWR G2 Control

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MILLPWRG2_angle.jpg MILLPWR_G2_JR.jpg Full_G2_Retrofit-Kit.jpg AR-MILLPWR-G2_ghost.jpg


Powerful yet easy to operate 
CNC retrofit systems for knee
mills and bed mills.

Faster set-ups, shorter run times and a major boost in productivity are just one "powerful easy" retrofit away. Our new MILLPWRG2control and retrofit kits can turn just about any knee mill into a powerhouse money-maker.

USB and Ethernet compatible, it features a bright 12.1" high resolution display, 1 GHz processor and plenty of programming capabilities – estimated runtimes, expanded tool/datum offsets, enhanced tool paths, plus a dxf converter.


External Storage USB / Ethernet Floppy / Compact Flash Remote Storage (RS-232)
Internal Storage 2.5 GB Flash (User) 512 MB Flash (Code & User)
Processor 1.4 GHz Celeron® M STPC 100
Display 12.1"
1024 x 768
640 x 480
Windows Off-Line Programing Station  
Program Preview
(Listed & Graphic)
Filename Filter Search  
File Manager Navigation Tree Menu & Sub-menus
Estimated Machining Time  
Auto Save (Program)  
Program Size Limit 9,999 Steps 999 Steps
G Code Program ✓ 
Extended Support Plus G80 Series Drill Cycles
(No Edit Capability)
Block Form Solid Model 3D Graphics ✓ 
(w/ User Override)
Program Step Navigation Hard Keys & Pop-up Menu Hard Keys & Soft Key Paging
Custom Pocket & Islands ✓ 
(Ramp Feed & Optimized Path)
(Plunge Feed)
Circle (Pocket, Frame, Ring, Helix ✓ 
(Ramp Feed)
(Plunge Feed)
Tool Library ✓ 
(Specify by Tool Number)
Multiple Datum's (Fixture Offsets) 99  
Graphic View Line / 3D Shaded 2D
Error Compensation Linear & Bidirectional Non-linear Linear
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