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  • FSG-3A818



Series features a smooth and accurate movement with low friction to ensure high accuracy and longer way life. The proximity switches let the operator set the right stroke for each workpiece. The precision 0.0001" graduated microfeed device (worm and wormgear design) ensures precise positioning of the cross axis.

• Vertical feed is driven by AC motor and equipped with automatic downfeed device and manual microdownfeed device
• Cross movement is driven by AC motor
• Longitudinal table movement is driven by hydraulic unit
• Table traverses on hardened & ground guideways w/ steel ball bearings
• Turcite-B laminated and hand-scraped machine slideways
• Table reversing mechanism
• Elevating microfeed device


Table Size 8" x 18")
Max. Grinding Length (18")
Max. Grinding Width (7 7/8")
Max. Distance from Table Surface to Spindle Centerline (17 3/4")
Standard Magnetic Chuck Size (7 7/8" x 17 3/4")
Travel, Hydraulic 19 3/4")
Max. Travel, Manual (20.87")
Table Speed, Variable (16~82)
Rapid Travel, Approx. -48
Auto Increment (0.016~0.24")
Max. Auto Travel 9"
Max. Manual Travel 9 1/2"
Spindle Drive Speed 60 / 3,450, 50 / 2,850rpm
Spindle Drive Power Rating 2HP
Hydraulic Drive 1HP
Crossfeed Drive 0.05HP
Elevating Drive 0.25HP (2A opt.) 
Grinding Wheel Diameter 8"
Grinding Wheel Width 1/2"
Grinding Wheel Bore 1 1/4"
Floor Space 86.6" x 62" x 76.78"
Net Weight 2907 lbs.
Rated Power 5HP
Packaging Dimensions 73" x 61" x 87"
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