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Cosen SH-8580D

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COSEN supplies a full range of semi-automatic band saws that exceed the requirements of all bandsawing applications. With its rigid construction and superior features, COSEN’s line of semi-automatic heavyduty bandsaws offers precision at the cutting edge, efficiency in operation and low cost per cut, and durability in a demanding production environment.


Capacity Round 800 mm (31.5")
Capacity Square 800 mm (31.5")
Capacity Rectangle (HxW) 800x 850 mm (31.5"x33.5")
Blade Speed 15-80 m/min (49-264 ft/min)
Blade Size (LxWxT) 8300x67x1.6 (326.8"x2.6"x0.063")
Blade Motor 10HP (7.5kW)
Hydraulic Motor 3HP (2.2kW)
Coolant Motor 1/2HP (0.375kW)
Workbed Height 640 mm (25.2")
Gross Weight 6500 kgs (14300 lbs)
Floor Space (LxWxH) 2330x3890x2940 mm (92"x153"x116")
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