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Chevalier FSG-H/B818•C1224CNC

  • FSG-B.H818cnc


High-Efficiency Precision CNC Profile Grinder

The FSG-H/B818CNC series are high-precision, multi-purpose CNC hydraulic or ballscrew profile grinders.

The series features a column and wheelhead that traverse on precision roller bearings and hardened and ground guideways that are pre-loaded and driven by a precision ballscrew, providing excellent rigidity and precise positioning. A forced-flood coolant, accompanied by a totally enclosed splash guard, cools the workpiece efficiently and helps prevent thermal damage and workpiece distortion.

The machine’s superior versatility includes several grinding types: surface, plunge, pitch, side, profile, form, index and creepfeed. Crossfeed and elevating axes are positioned with precision ballscrews and an AC servo motor that provides superior accuracy and excellent longevity. An integrated machine structure is perfect for heavy duty grinding.


Table Size 8" x 18"
Max Dist fr table to spindle centerline 19"
T-slot size x number 15/32" x 1
Maximum Table Load 440lbs
Table Speed - infinitely variable 0-49fpm
Maximum Longitudinal Travel 25 1/2"
Column Feed - infinitely variable 0-13fpm
Wheelhead  Feed - inf variable 0-20ipm
Grinding Speed 500-7000rpm
Power Rating 20HP
Grinding Wheel 12" x 1 1/4" x3"
Machine Weight 8708lbs
Floor Space (L x W x H) 118" x 118" x 92"
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