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892 Mitsubishi TS150B-NC

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USED 6" Mitsubishi MODEL MAF-RS 150B NC

CNC Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill

YEAR: 1987


Fanuc 12M CNC Control                                                            

Tool Length Measurement

Tool Life Management                                                 

RS 232C Port

80-Station Automatic Toolchanger for Spindle       

60-Stations Automatic Tool Changer for attachments

Thru Spindle Coolant                                                   

Flood Coolant System

Spindle Air Blower System                                         

Spindle Orientation

Automatic Attachment Indexing 90 degrees                            

Full Length Chip Conveyor

Power Operators Platform                                                          

3-Station Automatic Attachment Changer

Right Angle Head, Auto Indexing RH 15M                              

Right Angle Head, Auto Indexing RH 15LS

Universal Angle Head                                                  

Ball Screws & DC Servo Drives

Hardened & Ground Ways                                          

Steel Sliding Way Covers

40 HP / 50 HP Spindle Drive Motor                            


Spindle Diameter :  5.9"

Milling Spindle Diameter:  8.26"

Vertical Headstock Travel,Y:  118"

Horizontal Column Travel,X:  236"

Spindle Travel, W:  35.43"

Ramstock, Z:  27.56"

Total Axial Travel, Z & W:  62.99"

Spindle Taper:  Cat #50

Spindle Speeds,Inf.Variable:  8-1800 RPM

Maximum Boring Spindle Thrust:  6600 LBS

Milling Feeds:  0.04 to 157.48 IPM

Rapid Feeds:  393.70 IPM

Overall Height:  249.21"

Weight:  90,390 LBS

Floor Space:  614" L-R x 364" F-B

ROTARY TABLE: Mitsubishi DIT-AH 21x30 with Auto Pallet Changer

Pallet Size  83" x 118.12"

Number of Pallets:  2

Loading capacity:  20 Metric Tons (44,000 lbs)

Cross Travel ("V"):  59" (1500 mm)

Table Index:  Any angle by inductosyn 

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